Meaningful Math is the new knowledge-driven and community-powered journey, equipping teachers with a new way of understanding math. The platform consists of an online library of videos and resources for 1st-grade math teachers and tutors (2nd and 3rd grade coming soon!). Taught by the amazing Jillian Starr and brought to life by After Dark Animation, each video focuses on breaking down a different math concept into easy bite-size lessons so you can feel more confident in your math instruction.
We worked closely with Jillian to create this broad library of tutorials for the PD Library. We focused on creating the assets to match the strong brand style that 'Jillian Starr Teaching' has built up over all the social platforms and her website, it was such a clear visual language that it was easy for us to match it and design everything. 
The landscape was significant for Jillian as it would be a visualisation of the mathematical landscape and the learning journey students would take, this would also feature in all of the videos so it was one of the first things we made. We used a simple boat, primary and secondary buoys and an island horizon, all built using simple rounded rectangles and shapes, keeping strong clear silhouettes and using Jillian's bright colour scheme, echoing the bright colours used in math visual aids. Each video takes the viewer through a different maths skill that builds towards a border skill, each lesson includes examples of different students' learning experiences and how to identify where each child is in their learning journey. The videos then show clear examples of how to progress all students so they can master each skill successfully. We supported these videos by making clear visuals to accompany the entire voiceover to keep the lessons engaging and to help visualise the more complex elements. ​​​​​​​

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