Taralandia is an online nursery rhyme based web-series, we were brought on to develop and create 9 story based episodes. The series helped craft the characters more and bring the Taralandia world to life. We created the assets in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe Animate and comped everything in After Effects, we were also responsible for arranging the sounds and music.
Above are some highlights of the 9 episodes.
Below are links to some of the full episodes:
In short, we found After Dark to be professional, responsive, creative, efficient, cost effective and to be good communicators. After Dark always presented a positive, can-do attitude and at all times we felt that they shared our goal of making all the elements of the production as strong as they could be. I would be happy to discuss this further with any potential clients should that be helpful to you or them.
Richard Bridgwood

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