After Dark Animation is a small animation collective based in Cornwall, UK. We are made up of 2D animators specialising in digital-drawn animation with an illustrative hand-made approach. All our work is bespoke and unique because we love taking on new challenges each time we start a project.
Formed in 2016, driven by a passion for making a difference, After Dark Animation actively seeks partnerships with companies, organizations, and individuals committed to positive impact. From mental health initiatives to green energy, we bring a collaborative and purposeful approach to our work. Our versatile digital-drawn animation style ensures that each project is tailored to the unique brand identity and creative vision of our clients. Whether you're a startup exploring animation possibilities or an established company aiming for a fresh, creative edge After Dark Animation is here to help visually articulate your message and amplify your impact.​​​​​​​
A scribbly portrait of a woman's face, she has long hair with a fringe, googlie eyes and a big smile
A scratchy portrait of a mans face, he has a mod haircut, googly eyes and a big smile.
Hello! I’m Jenny and I do most of the animation work for After Dark. I work mostly in After Effects and Procreate. Aside from animation I love taking walks along the Cornish coastline, even taking a dip when its warm. I also love cooking and recently got into fermenting, making my own kimchi, sourdough bread and a bit of tepache in the summer.
I’m Joe and I do most of the design work for After Dark. I work on lots of different software depending on the project, working from paper to procreate to illustrator. I love going to gigs and playing a bit of guitar. Since moving to Cornwall I have taken up surfing and spend most of my weekends being thrown around by white water happy as a clam.
After Dark Animation brought our project to life in a way which was far beyond expectations.  Their artistic interpretation of our ideas was truly visionary and unique, as well as skilful and collaborative with our needs.  Their prompt and professional communication made it very easy to work together, with high-quality content completed ahead of schedule.  After Dark Animation is an exemplary creative team that would be an asset to any project.
Cassie Kollman
Course Coordinator

 In short, we found After Dark to be professional, responsive, creative, efficient, cost-effective and to be good communicators. After Dark always presented a positive, can-do attitude and at all times we felt that they shared our goal of making all the elements of the production as strong as they could be. I would be happy to discuss this further with any potential clients should that be helpful to you or them.
Richard Bridgwood 

As a first-time director and writer, I am so lucky that I was able to work with the After Dark team to create the animated sketch, "Doing the Robot." From the start, Joe and Jenny were excellent professionals, responding to emails within a reasonable time frame and delivering quality work. Being a first-timer, I was anxious about whether I would mess things up. But the team guided me well. We spoke over the phone and via Google, and walked through every stage together, from storyboarding to the final cut. They added in audio, helped me with picking voice actors, and ultimately produced an animated short that has won top prizes at film festivals in Paris, Cannes, and New York. If given the chance, I'd love to work with them again, and can't recommend them enough.
Ravi Guru Singh

Jenny and After Dark Animation are consummate professionals. She worked with us in every aspect of our process: character design, pre-production, animatics, and temporary animation all the way through to the final finished product. All her work was done in a swift and incredibly helpful manner. Communication was clear and easy while she produced needed animations well ahead of deadlines. It was a pleasure to work with Jenny and After Dark and I’m available to chat with you at any time to discuss our particular projects and how they went working with After Dark and Jenny.  We’ve worked with Jenny on several projects now and will continue to work with her in the future.
Michael Dennehy

After Dark Animations have been responsible for producing and editing my designs for a Children’s Television Series. In a work situation, Joseph is reliable, efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. He successfully finishes a task well before the deadline. He is extremely organised, and never misses a deadline or forgets an assignment. In summary, I highly recommend Joseph as an employee. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Anthony Lewis Churchill
Some of Our Clients
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