A quick run down of our process
Touch Base
We will jump on a call together so we can meet face to face and get to know more about you and your project. We ask the big questions...
What you want to achieve? Where do you want use it?  When do you need it by? What is your budget? 
We will let you know how we can help.
It doesn't matter if you have a locked in script or want us to edit something in the works we can help make sure you're script is perfect for animation.
Storyboard and Animatic
We create a sketched storyboard from the script and edit it together into a moving storyboard or animatic. If your project needs narration Joe or Jenny will record a rough voiceover so we can start feeling the timing. Jenny will spend some time editing this rough version to map out the animation and decide on script and whats shown on screen.
It will look like a very rough drawing at this point so we aren't thinking about design or colour, this means we can make changes quickly and try out ideas to see if they work. 
Design and Build
While Jenny is working on the animatic, Joe will be working on some style frames, these will visualise what a few frames of the final animation will look like.
Here you can give us feedback on design style and get excited about what its going to look like!  
We can help source a voice over artist, musicians and sound artists to enhancing your project with sound that hits perfectly with the visuals. We can arrange this all for you, so you can put your feet up.
Once we are all totally happy with the animatic we start animating! Joe will make all the backgrounds and assets needed, then Jenny will move all those bits around to make the final. We will regularly send work in progress so you can watch it come to life or if you're really busy you can leave it to us!
This is when we add the bells the whistles, cool transitions and special effects are added here. Little things like shadows, sparkly lights and vignettes can really take your project to the next level.
We add the music, sound effects and final voiceover recorded by a professional this time so every element ties together perfectly!
After a couple of rounds of changes, we will deliver the final files. This could just be just an .mp4 or the animation in multiple formats, a few GIFs and some high quality stills, it all depends on what you want.
Also we are always available if you think of something further down the line, we try and save all our project files forever*, so you can always come back and pick up where you left off or get files that you've lost.
*if our hard drives can take it.
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