Highlights of some of the reels we collaborated on with TootyMcNooty, we had to come up with a reel a week, making use of audio clips which had gone viral on TikTok. We saw her subscriber base grow from about 250K to over 500K in 6 months with our top short we animated for Lulu getting 14 million views. Total views for her page went from 9 million to 80 million bumping up Lulu in the algorithm substantially and it's now nearing 100 million views with almost 600K followers.
Life of a Tod
A short film we made with TikTok and YouTube viral sensation TootyMcNooty.
Life of a Tod is a follow-up documentary to "Life of a Phrog", which focuses on the Tod's every(night) activity, including eating, looking good, and croaking. We provided our animation services and began collaborating with Lulu regularly.

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