Coming to Dinner


Sometimes your job is to make the sausage wink at the cheese.

A family sitcom set in a cheesemonger with animated cheeses', each episode containg a new type of cheese. 'Coming to Dinner' is loosely based on 'GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER' (1967); Written by William Rose; Distributed by Columbia Pictures




Password: CHEESY


Stuck in a cheese case together, a hunk of Gouda and slice of Jarlsberg argue over the meaning of who we're meant to be.


Imagine being a cheese. Now imagine being a Jarlsberg Swiss. Now imagine being stuck in a cheese case and forced to hang out with Gouda every single minute of every single day. But today Gouda insists he really does have something important to say. How could things go awry? Whether, Jarlsberg or Gouda, a Stilton Blue or a Monterey Jack, the secret life of cheese may be more universal and at least as cheesy as anyone could've thought.



Part of a series of videos made for Jellwithus.






 Michael Dennehy



Jenny Harrington

Joseph Felton